About Me

Hello and welcome on board to alenasdiary where you will enjoy a commentary blog written through the lens of Alena Khalifeh! This blog consists of Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Men! Everything EVERY girl wants to know and talk about with her best friend! If this is what you are looking for, then congrats you just reached the right destination!

This blog comes as a result of wanting to share all of her experience and passion that she has built through out the years. From graduating with a Marketing and Psychology degree, to working as an Air-hostess with one of the greatest airlines in the world, creating her very own customized Abaya designs, having her first cover song go viral to being a Regional trainer for a cosmetic brand. Alena is also known for filming and editing all of her Instagram videos.

From someone who has been self-taught was what inspired people the most and triggered her to start blogging. Alena has grown her Instagram page by collaborating with numerous brands over the last couple of months in regards to both beauty and fashion. She also started creating Make up tutorials, which have been re-posted over various sites! She now has a loyal amount of followers who follow and support her.