Ways To Get Over Him

What could possibly hurt more than love it-self? The reason is because humans in general crave to love and be loved by their significant other. However, we live in a world that has a lot of infidelity, cheating and numerous affairs that are happening today.

We hurt because love by itself is an emotional need for our emotional system. Once we feel it is lost, it creates anger, confusion and disappointment.  There are many reasons that could lead to infidelity but one thing you need to know is it was never because of YOU!

We spend so much days and weeks thinking what did we do wrong to make him or her leave instead of thinking that they left because they are disloyal people.

Many women I have encountered in my life often blame themselves and base judgments on what they should of done to have prevented this from happening. Stop wasting your time over analyzing because clearly you were with someone who did not deserve you!

Loving an un-faithful partner can be amongst the most upsetting damaging aspects that could possibly happen to one’s heart. However, it is very important to know that there are plenty of fish in the sea and that this is your turn to shine and show everyone (including that loser) that you are as strong as rock and nothing can bring you down.

This blog is dedicated to every woman out there who has ever questioned her feminity or her self! You are beautiful, smart and deserve a man to treat you like a queen but if he does not, then girl you better know he is not worth it!

Having witnessed a couple of my lady friends who went through a hurtful breakup (including myself), I told them about the same exact tips that I will be discussing below that you must do to get over him! Trust me it actually helped them a lot! This is why I have decided to share these tips with you to help you get over him and move on.

Below are a few tips that I have personally used to get over him and trust me this is a 100 percent guaranteed!

1) Time to heal:  My advice to you is to give yourself the time to heal. As crazy as it sounds but you seriously need to give yourself time to disconnect from everything that reminds you of him.

Girl, if that includes a jar of ice cream and endless nights of crying then do it! The only way for you to move on is to cross this level first.

2) Delete everything:  Get rid of all of his memories, which include pictures, letters and gifts. There is no need to have anything that would trigger a hurtful feeling in you again.

Sometimes having to see an old picture of you together will just bother you and take you back to the good old days. If you want to forget him, throw out everything!

3) Focus on your self:  This is your time to focus on yourself now! How about doing sports you enjoy? It could be any thing from shopping, spending time with your close ones or even starting your own business!

It could be absolutely anything that you enjoy doing or are passionate about.  It is statistically proven that most people succeed in discovering new hobbies or hidden talents during their “lowest times”.

4) Body revenge: This is the time to take revenge and turn it to a positive one by hitting the gym more often and focusing on fixing your shape! At the end of the day who wouldn’t want to have the perfect body?

When you work out your body produces hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and testosterone to increase physical activity. Endorphins also make you feel happy and immediately change your mood!

5) Glam up: I see so many women who neglect themselves physically during this period of heartache and that is absolutely wrong! Go and pamper yourself at the salon, get your nails done and just glam yourself up.

It is also proven that whenever you feel beautiful it automatically reflects on you and you instantly feel more confident about yourself.

6) Travel: I know that this might not be convenient for everyone but if you could take the chance to travel it would really help you a lot. It would take your mind of him and would allow you to explore one of your favorite destinations.

Let’s be honest girls, wouldn’t you feel better if you were on your favorite island sipping on your favorite cocktail under the dazzling sun? Yes, you would!

7) Avoid immediate dating: A common mistake that most of us do is as soon as we are out of a relation the next thing we do is jump in to another one too quickly! Amongst one of the very rare times would this new relation turn into a successful one.

The reason is because we did not give ourselves the chance to get over the last relation just yet. Being with someone new would constantly allow us to compare our new partner to the old one. This is a big NO! There is a high probability that he is a re-bound.

8) Value yourself: This is a very important aspect that all of us should take in to consideration because the moment we love ourselves and value who we are we will then realize that we deserve so much more than what we had before in our previous relationship.

You need to realize that you are a very special person and you deserve to be with someone who will realize your worth. The moment we value ourselves we will automatically target the right person for us.

Trust me ladies if you follow all of the tips that I wrote to you about and believed that it is about time that you move on then you will successfully move on.

You need to realize that life is too short to worry about someone who left us and never valued our importance. There and then would be the first phase of moving on.

I know that relationships that were a big part of our lives could possibly take time to heal but it all depends on you and depends on how much more time you could spend on either mourning over his loss or  focusing on yourself.

Always remember to love yourself and realize who you are. You have everything that would make any man fall for you. #believeinyourself

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