Have you ever met that one person that takes your breath away and makes you loose awareness of everything beside you? That feeling where you feel you just want to melt in his or her arms? Well, if you did and it lasts for a very long time then congrats you have just met your soul mate!

However, don’t confuse this with lust or just an initial attraction at the beginning of the relation as it normal fizzles out. This only exists if it lasts for so many years regardless of distance or time.
I am someone who absolutely believes in the existence of soul mates and I do believe that we do encounter our soul mates at one point of our lives. The concept of always ending up with our soul mates is an idea or an illusion that we paint at the back of our minds but does not necessary have to happen.

The truth about soul mates is that we meet them and they always leave a mark in us. I am sure while reading this an image of someone you truly loved crossed your mind. In life we don’t usually end up with our soul mates but end up with our lifetime partners that we choose to continue the rest our lives with.

However, if we end up marrying our soul mates then that would be the absolute ideal situation! Most people confuse lifetime partners with soul mates and that is something most people cannot differentiate between.
Lifetime partners are normally someone who you love, respect and depend on in life. They are your companion, friend and someone that you blindly trust.  Soul mates are on a much more deeper level because you feel that your soul transcends to a higher level and you get a feeling that can’t  be explained or shared except between the two of you.
Lifetime partners normally have a more stable relationship and last much longer than soul mates. Lifetime partners normally are those relationships that carry love but are more of the type that creates this comfort between the two partners.

Most of us get to marry our lifetime partners and very rarely do we marry our soul mates. Amongst one of the most popular love stories of history of which did not end up together are Romeo and Juliet.
 Have you ever wondered why it never worked out with that one person that you betted your whole life on that you two will end up together? The reason is because soul mates only happen to exist for short-term and something un-expected breaks you two apart. Soul mates are meant to come in to our lives as lessons and once the lesson is learnt it normally ends.

Lifetime partners normally have a more stable relationship and normally are more stable than soul mates. Lifetime partners do not share the same passionate stories that soul mates do but they definitely provide a form of stability and security.
When you meet your soul mate your day can go from one extreme to the other. The extremism in the relationship is what could easily define that this person is your soul mate  or not.
There are certain signs that show that he or she could possibly be your soul mate and here are 12 reasons they could be your soulmate!

1) You have similar interests together such as love the same movies or love the same activities.

2) You can communicate with each other by just a look.

3) You are the best version of yourself with them.

4) They understand your craziness and jokes when no one in the room does.

5) They are the only ones that can easily calm you down on a bad day.

6) You don’t have any secrets from each other.

7) You talk for long hours and are constantly together without ever getting bored.

8) Highest level of unexplainable chemistry.

9) You are constantly thinking of them and can not get them out of your mind.

10) Time apart from each other never changes what you two feel for each other.

11) You always want the best for them regardless of the situation

12) You choose them over yourself.

When people meet their soul mates they know it and feel it very deep in their hearts. However, there are others who are still searching for their soul mates.

 Many love stories haven’t been told and remain in the heart for as long as it lives. Love stories can always leave marks in our hearts and can never be replaced…

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