Highlighter Dos and Don’ts

Whether you are after that summer glow or that flawless glam, we all want that amazing glow that accentuates the best features in us! Highlight is still one of the latest and hottest make up trends. It is nearly impossible that none of us has the perfect highlighter shade sitting on our beauty console!

Highlight is used to grab attention to the areas of the face that we want to enhance more and trust me who doesn’t want their best features looking more prominent?
Even though there are no more rules when it comes to make up application but there are a few points listed below that you need to keep in mind.  I love highlighting and it’s probably my favorite step in my makeup routine. As you all know, the latest trend is to have that blinding glow that can be seen from a distance. But, I totally get that it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer a more natural look.
I am sure you have watched plenty of Make up tutorials online and enjoyed watching them but once you started to apply it on your face it did not look as appealing as you thought it would be. In today’s blog, I will be discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of highlighter.
Highlighter in the wrong areas can add an un-natural feel and play a big role in loosing the skin’s luminosity. If you are still a beginner and need some guidance, continue reading!
The most common areas of applying highlighter is on the inner corner of the eyes, below the brow bone, cupid’s bow, cheeks bones and on the bridge or tip of the nose (depending on nose structure). Some even like to apply on their forehead as well! It all goes according to preference.
Inner corner of the eyes: Applying a touch of highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes gives you a more “awake” look and compliments it by adding a touch of light to your eyes looking lighter in color!

Cupid’s bow: Adding highlighter to your pout draws more attention to your lips and gives the illusion of a much more fuller pout.

Cheekbones: We all want the perfect Marilyn Monroe cheekbones, don’t we ladies? Well, you are just a dash of highlighter away!

Nose: This step is highly recommend for those who want to add more attention to the bridge of the nose and want to have a more “sharpened” one. I would highly recommend this technique with contouring!

Forehead: Some ladies like to skip contouring and just want to add highlight to their forehead to make it look wider. (I would recommend this if you have a more narrow forehead)
Can we apply highlighter to other areas of the face? Of course you can! Just be careful you don’t want to end up looking like a glossy and shiny Christmas ball (sorry but it’s the truth). I will tell you exactly why in the “Don’t’s” section.
Use a blush or bronzer to complement your highlighter. Many of us don’t realize that the pigmentation of the highlighter shows more when we apply a blush or bronzer!  If you are looking for a tanned look that evening try applying a gold shade highlighter with a bronzer! (This does wonders if you are warm toned) Trust me you will end up looking like a bronzed goddess! It actually completes the look all together.
Have you tried applying a powder highlighter on top of your liquid highlighter while still wet? Trust me, it will make your highlighter even pop more if you are looking for that blinding glow! On one condition make sure both highlighters are of similar colors!
 Applying fixing spray can be an excellent way to create a more dewy finish. Spraying some fixing spray on the areas of the face where you highlighted gives that glow and radiant look!

 Don’t highlight according to someone else’s face! What we don’t normally realize is that we have different face shapes and what looks good on you might not look good on me! This is one of the biggest reason why your highlighter technique is not looking as glam as your favorite beauty blogger! An example would be that I personally avoid is applying highlighter on my nose. I usually just stick to contouring because I would like to draw less attention to it. Every one of us knows their best features that they want to focus on.

Choose the perfect shade of highlighter that best suits your skin tone. This is something that not all beauty influencers mention and skip the fact that there are certain shades that look perfect on you depending on whether you are cool or warm tone. For example, a vanilla shade highlighter would compliment a cool tone complexion whereas a rose gold highlighter looks great on a warmer tone.
Pay attention not to highlight pores, blemishes or pimples as it will draw more attention to it and would be noticed. Try to avoid applying highlighter to these areas and just leave them completely matt. At the end of the day we all want a “clean and smooth appearing” canvas on our skin.
Hope you guys enjoyed this short blog, I promise I will be creating even more Beauty Blogs!:)

4 thoughts on “Highlighter Dos and Don’ts

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I normally use powder highlighters and apply them with a fan brush for natural results but if you want a more enhanced highlighter look then I would recommend a liquid highlighter as it pops more! Usually with liquid highlighters I use a brush to apply them! Hope this helped!xx

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  1. What a fantastic and fabulous blog
    I think you have done a great work full of professionalism and beauty
    I would love to recommend this blog for everyone because it has a beautiful touch from everything and for everyone regardless of their age,sex,color and race.
    Once again Alena this is a great work and please keep up this lovely work.

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