Confidence is Beauty

4 Ways To Instantly Feel More Confident

Have you ever heard the quote that says, “Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear? We certainly have heard so many inspiring quotes about loving ones self but have we ever felt that we are confident enough to love our imperfections?
We live in an era that focuses a lot on physical appearance and the social pressure of being “perfect” but what they don’t focus on is how to feel confident in your own skin! Ladies, here is what you can do to help start building up your sexy confidence!

  1. Stop worrying about what others think about you
We spend so much of time thinking about what others think about us such as: Does he think I am beautiful? Did he notice my acne? Is my make up looking good today? Will I get the job? Let’s just be honest, we all can think of that one time were we did not feel that confident about ourselves and ended up questioning ourselves. 
Instead of caring about what others think, concentrate on what you love the most about yourself. Focus on your strengths and capabilities. People will always have different opinions about you and  with that being said it should not define you! Concentrate on your self rather than on endless opinions that should not even get to you. Learn to develop “thick skin” and start embracing your own self.  
2. Love your imperfections
Learn to embrace your flaws and imperfections. We all have our insecurities at times but we need to accept and love them because at the end of the day it helps shape who we are! I can promise you that even the most beautiful girls also share the same insecurities that you do!
 Here is the thing, flaunt your imperfections and tell yourself that you are beautiful every single day because that is the truth! Women go though A LOT of changes especially after post-pregnancy because of all the changes that happen physically after delivery.
 Ladies, every time you notice your belly or even your stretch marks just remember that you gave birth to the most beautiful children and all of this is simply worth it. No one gives birth and comes out looking like a super model! Don’t you agree?
  3. Body Posture

Did you know that Body Language could say a lot about your confidence? Avoid slouching and ALWAYS practice a good posture. It has been proven that those that have a great posture are normally considered to be self-confident people. Having trouble with your posture? Try going to the gym or working out more often, trust me it helps a lot!
 Can you imagine that the way you are sitting or standing can help portray an impression of whether you are confident or not. All you have to do is simply fix your posture it will instantly show that you are confident!
4. Start investing in your appearance
People who look good on the outside instantly feel good in the inside! Go and pamper yourself by buying your self a new dress, new pair of heels or even by buying that perfect shade of lipstick that suits your skin-tone.
Whenever you are feeling a little down just leave your hair loose, add a tiny touch of mascara, some blush with your favorite lip color and there you go! Voila! You will instantly feel and look more confident!


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