What does Valentine’s Day mean to us?

As you all know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It is that day of the year that many of us women wait eagerly for that day to come so we can celebrate it with our loved one. On the other hand, we wait to see what our partner will be surprising us that day and yes we all want to know! 
The thing is that most men don’t really care about Valentine’s Day the same way we do and yet there goes the quote that says “Men are from Mars and Women are from Jupiter.”  However, women are way simpler than what men think. In their mind we want an exaggerated amount of flowers and a candle lit dinner near the sea in the middle of nowhere. I know this is what we all dream of having but from a realistic point of view here are a few points of what we really want listed below.
A Traditional Red Flower

We are not asking for a house full of flowers but for a single bouquet of red flowers because it is most commonly associated with feelings of true love and passion. It has always been associated with the feelings of love ever since we all can remember. It is always the best thing to gift her on Valentine’s Day.
A Written Letter
YES, a written letter where you can actually express your feelings and write it out. Almost as cliché as it sounds but we love reading your letters! It does not have to be a long letter but just a couple of meaningful words from your heart and that would mean the world to us. I am sure ladies you could not agree more on this because this is their time to show us what we really mean to them.

It is just by nature that we love compliments! How about if it was from that special guy?  We just love it when you shower us with compliments every time you see us. We can never get tired of it, as we absolutely love hearing it every single time. At the end of the day, we spend almost half of the day getting ready to meet you so you better notice our hard work.  Let’s be honest girls, don’t we all want that perfect hair, make up and outfit that day?
Special Outing
Every couple has their own special outings that they love and enjoy doing together. It could be anything from bowling, to cooking or even to just simply looking at the stars. Do something that excites the both of you and ignites the passion between you. At the end of the day, this day is memorable so try to enjoy it to the fullest!

Gifting him or her could be something that we all spend hours thinking about. Most of the questions we ask ourselves are what is that one thing that they don’t have or have not been gifted yet. A meaningful album of pictures with the both of you together carries more meaning that just gifting a perfume or a bag. It shows us that you actually did the effort. Even though some of us do enjoy those gifts but he will gift them to you anyway. Try focusing on the meaningful and more valuable gift then a materialistic one. It will simply show us that you care.
As for my single ladies, Valentine’s Day is a day that could be celebrated with your loved ones such as your friends and family. At the end of the day, it is a day of love so this is your chance to express it to whomever you want! Go out with a bunch of your single friends and celebrate.

2 thoughts on “What does Valentine’s Day mean to us?

  1. For us girls we do think about all these stuff you mentioned but we do not dare to say it out loud … feels good to actualy read it and say to ourselves this is exactly what i want … nice words

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